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February 22, 2017

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Oct. 7, 2009

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tbvegas, the photo was taken at a May 15 press conference, which is noted in the cutline, at which Amonix announced it would be expanding into Southern Nevada. The North Las Vegas event will be Tuesday, when city officials will meet to officially announce that the company chose their city as the location for the new manufacturing facility.

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According to the North Las Vegas Assistant to the City Manager Michelle Bailey-Hedgepeth, what we have in the story is correct. Reducing the number of firefighters from 5 to 4 was a part of the tentative agreement with the union, and was an extension of a previous contract.

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Regarding the earlier comments, in the updated story we report that the highest number of drunk-driving arrests occurs during the New Year's holiday.

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For volunteer opportunities with the North Las Vegas Police Department, you can call Nicole Dennis at (702)633-2199. For other opportunities, you can call Elisa Bradshaw with North Las Vegas at (702)633-2744.

Both Dennis and Bradshaw should be able to give you more information about volunteer programs.

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Maintenance for the system would cost the city $600 each year, and annual video hosting fees would be about $4800. Initially, the staff's cost estimates for start-up costs, including equipment, ranged from $15,000-$28,000.

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