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Dec. 29, 2009

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Three Obama programs, state legislation to slow foreclosure and not the city of North Las Vegas want to help underwater homeowners, how much more can be done short of just giving them their home for free. If you cannot afford a home, you cannot afford it. Give it up, the sooner you find out how bad the situation really is, the sooner the city's economy can recover.

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I totally disagree with Edward's tactics whether using district computer or not. Teachers have no business supporting, passing out pamphlets or other material in support of an initiative in support of a tax increase for school in the classroom, teachers are hired to teach not campaign. Edwards should be terminated, she knew the rules and it was a clear violation, and sorry is not an excuse.

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Someone please tell me what Harry Reid has done in the last two year but complain. I do not believe Harry Reid cannot bring the senate together, mend or heal wounds, or even have dialog with anyone, its time to put him out to pasture, too old, no new ideas, and same politics from the 1970's.

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Unions will spend millions to try and up end Heck, members need to speak up, they pay enough in dues than to spend millions in politician campaign. Heck is doing a fine job, he is one of the few stabilizing forces in Washington.

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I don't understand way county commission feel the need to raise property taxes to pay for school repairs, that should be included in the fiscal educational budget. Why are property owners left holding the bill when many don't even have kids in school, everyone should chip in, raise the sale tax if need be but don't penalize one segment of the population.

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