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Feb. 8, 2011

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I must say, your comments are among some of STRANGEST I've ever encountered though I don't read these boards often.

I said I LIVED in the GREATER NY area (for four years to be exact.) I was born and raised in Columbus, OH, so you offended New Yorkers for no reason with your thoughtless statement and overplayed stereotype. Your post implies your experience with them is quite limited. To what other stereotypes do you subscribe? Many I'm sure since clearly you like to make assumptions.

And how did you determine that the other poster was "an internet loser?" He made no reference to the internet at all in his post. And to whom exactly are you referring when you write "internet losers" and their successful businesses? I have NO idea what that means. ??

You said my comments made you wonder the other day. What does THAT mean? I just wrote them at noon. ?? And what about "nasty?" My comments are "nasty?" Terse, harsh, certainly. However, they're not nasty. Also, you spoke of "NASTY little kids" and "snotty little college brats".... To whom are you referring? What do THEY have to do with this man? And who did you mentor? Clearly many people with misconceptions and chips on their shoulder.

Finally your ridiculous rants make all these cryptic references to "dad" or "daddy?" You stated "I don't think dad's been honest with you about the truth about anything." Besides the redundant nature of the statement, I simply don't know to WHAT you're referring. We lived in a blue-collar, working class neighborhood, didn't have a fireplace, nor were my parents AT ALL wealthy soooo that scenario never played out. From what do you draw these ridiculous assumptions?

"You might want to ask daddy for your allowance check for this week too" was another one I read. What does THAT mean?

Anyway, you can have the last words. I'm sure you'll have a LOT to say. I have to go back to being productive and positive!

(Suggest removal) 2/8/11 at 4:52 p.m.

"Bud" uses a pseudonym because he's embarrassed.

He should be.

He pays $855 rent. STRIKE ONE. Get a cheaper apartment, a roommate or move in with relatives.

He pays $490 a month for his car. STRIKE TWO. Get a cheaper car, a bicycle or ride the bus. (My grandmother used to scrape for pennies to ride it each morning. It's called PRIDE!)

He smokes. STRIKE THREE. He'll be less of a drain on society and have more dough in his pocket if he gives it up.

I make a six-figure salary. I drove my Toyota until it had 350k on it, I have a new Civic I bought with 0-down and pay $350 a month. I'll drive it to 300k. I NEVER paid that much rent even in the greater NY area though I could have paid much more. It's called shopping around. My mortgage is less! I quit smoking seven years ago, making me healthier, richer and less of a drain on society.

To all you bleeding hearts out there, your sympathy is misplaced. Instead of smoking, complaining and "blogging," he ought to cut his expenses, get out of LV, and do whatever's necessary to find a job somewhere else.

Ali Velshi? Give me a break.

(Suggest removal) 2/8/11 at 1:52 p.m.

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