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Dec. 28, 2009

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This will always happen for many reason's. The US is the only country in the world with a drinking age of 21. Most European countries have drinking ages as low as 16. In Britain the age is 5, yes 5 if you are with your parents. But these other countries simply are more used to handling drink from experience and the main problem is the lack of educating young driver's in high school in the US. The entire US is also built around the automobile. In Europe most people do not have car's. You can't stop someone under 21 from drinking, but at the same time you will allow a 16 year old to have a license to drive a car with minimal education on how to really drive responsibly. If someone under 21 has a few drinks in a negative environment and has access to a car, what do you expect

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Its a shame stevem. You just don't get it. I don't feel sorry for at least the 2 men in the article. Part of the advantage of working for so many years, especially if you are making good money, is that these guys had the chance to save for that rainy day. Francisco and Ron should have enough money saved to be able to kick back and enjoy their time off. Get creative, be innovative, take your wife on a nice vacation. You can't blame the government if you worked for good money for all those years and did not save enough. One of my good friends worked every hour that he could get for 6 months as a union electrician at city center. The union job paid him well. He has a home,a mortgage and a family. He knew the job would end but he saved enough to ride it out for along time. You might have to sweep floors for awhile. So do it and be proud that you live in a country that affords us so much freedom and opportunities and if you don't believe that try living in a third world country.

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