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Feb. 2, 2012

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Of course the republican party has an outreach program to help educate many minorites how they are for them but refuse use them just for votes and act as if they get special racial treatment....the time will come soon when the Latino/Hispanic race is majority and it could be as little as ten years or sooner ...than what? Are the democrats going to still continue to favor one race? It isn't suprising to hear many African Americans have become republican or become minutemen. Laws are to be meant fairly for EVERYONE but you hear these special interest groups saying not "what are you going to do for America and everybody" but rather "what are you going to do for me?"

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Obviously the author hasn't done much research on how much money could be saved with Ron's policies. If implemented back in the 80's we could probably have free healthcare for everyone in America and Obamacare would be a mute subject. Nation rebuilding and to think not policing the world could've adverted 9/11, along with all that money enslavement is NOT a good idea...the democrats just keep asking for more and more of your money. And i voted for Kerry against Bush ...the this independant will not vote for the Obama corporate machiene.

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Of course Obama is losing the young vote ...especially the college students who are studying economics.

We need not only a great leader but a visionary; Ron Paul correctly predicted the economy crisis in 2002, and Obama's lie.

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Ron Paul 2012 if not Obama wins...sad but true

Ron Paul has voted consistenly and fought the status quo his entire career. He is the only candidate to accurately predict the economic crisis/housing bubble many 6 years before it happened. He lays out everything on the table with no run-around talk....this is something Obama,Romney, and Newt have in common perfect for a corrupt politician. Money and a good speech.Obama already has proven himself for greedy rich business corporations by giving most of the stimulus to corporations who backed his campaign in 2008 or the dems party....and who are some of his biggest contributers this time? you got it big business interest...and the liberal media who is OWNED by big business will help Obama out in the news...just think of the hardcore liberal who hates FOX news ...only x's that by the number of liberal news brainwashing many who don't understand the media words things to favor who they like while making their opponent like a criminal.
Ron Paul gets alot individual contributions from PEOPLE and gets more military contributions from active duty veterns than the other republican candidates combined and more than those who vote(d) for Obama thinking he will stop all wars. What does this tell you ...backed by corporations or backed by individuals ?

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