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Nov. 28, 2009

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The primary purpose for any child is to become a good citizen and be a value to their community. However, we cannot expect our kids to reach such goals when we neglect the teachers of the community.The salary of a teacher in Las Vegas is an insult and though many teachers remain loyal and determined to make am impact on our youth through mentoring and being role models for a future generation. We as a community seem to show little or no appreciation for their efforts.I will assure you that many of our finest teachers go unnoticed.To see a school system marked "F" in the educational grading system does not reflect the heart or lack of effort by most teachers of Las Vegas.until the city and its leaders place a value on family, a child's worth and not place priority solely on gearing up for the next catchy Marketing campaign to attract tourist.This sense of detachment will continue to make our youth feel uninspired by our slow efforts on fixing the problem here in Las Vegas. It truly speaks volumes that these kids see that they are not of value or feel important to this city and the leaders of Las Vegas. If these kids comments do not catch our leaders attention, nothing will. I say to them all leave with no regrets, but if the city and leaders rally around a marketing campaign to say that they care about our youths' future then I say to these bright and outstanding youth stay and be part of the change.

The ball is in the city and our leaders hands, it is time they stop passing the buck and listen to the heart of our future, our children. It is time to stop asking those passionate teachers, a few small businesses and a handful of citizens to carry Las Vegas on its shoulders when many Casinos would spend millions to build another casino rather than invest in the future leaders of tomorrow. We can learn a valuable lesson from this recession, that the heart never lies. What you put out is what you get back in return. Let us make our mark on the youth here in Las Vegas, by offering solutions and opportunities, rather than accepting our ranking as 49th in the educational system. We are the entertainment capital of the world, there is nothing we cannot do if we come together as a united front.We must make a stand to provide our children a quality education and a better life here in Las Vegas. Las Vegas should be leaders in education, health care, and become an inspiration to tomorrow's leaders.

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