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February 25, 2017

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Aug. 12, 2009

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Everytime I visit Vegas, I always made an effort to visit the Las Vegas Hilton to play. The property used to be hopping busy and exciting, particularly over the weekend. I used to enjoy going there very much, but not anymore! When I was in Vegas last October (2011), I took the monorail over there on a Sunday. I was absolutely stunned! The place was totally dead inside, no excitement and very few people in the casino. They removed all the quarter and dollar machines and replaced them with those silly and chinsey penny machines; many of which I found boring to bother play. What the HEY did they go and do that for? Just so stupid and irresponsible if you ask me. The place appears to have no Pizzaz or Class inside it anymore! No Headliner or evening shows in it's theatre anymore??? The only thing going for it is it's Sports Book. I'll be in Vegas late April for a week, but I've already scratched this property off my (regular/must visit) list. Management will have to return the Casino back to it's original ambience before I ever plan to visit it again! BORING and Thumbs Down!!! What a crying out shame how this resort got dragged downhill so fast!

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I can't wait to visit and venture into the Cosmopolitan when I travel out to LV during my next vacation, if not this upcoming Spring then most definitely Oct. 2011 (had aleady made my reservations). I've been/seen the Aria Resort from my last visit; personally speaking, it's nothing special. It's much too dark inside, plus it's a pain to get into/out of. I hope the Cosmo is more like the other Resorts I've been to on the Strip.

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Bellagio 1.5M Chip Heist test with multiple answers:

A) Luck be a Lady (Tonight).
B) And they said jobs are not plentiful in LV.
C) A huge win at the Craps Table.
D) Sell the chips to some shlumps at a discount for half the chips face value.
E) Bellagio could simply deactivate the microchip sensor built into each one of the stolen chips, thereby deeming them worthless to use and/or cash in.

(Suggest removal) 12/15/10 at 4:33 a.m.

While vacationing in Vegas, I visited City Center during late April 2010. Although nice inside, I found it a tiresome trek and very intimidating. It seemed like a "forever walking trek" before I was even able to get to the entrance to the shopping mall. Once inside, I couldn't find my way to the casino; didn't notice any clearly marked directional signage to lead folks towards the casino entrance. Once I finally made it inside their casino, it was kind of nice, however the ambience was extremely dark or dim lit inside the complex. I spent a good afternoon of my day playing inside. However, when I was all set to leave the casino, I experienced an extremely difficult time trying to find an exit out which I had hoped would be in the direction of the LV Blvd. Strip. No clear sinage leading out of their casino. Finally, I found a set of doors to exit which appears to have lead me outside and down this deep set of stairs/escalator to this lengthy thoroughfare (the one shown as the main photo to this article). I was totally lost and kept asking some of the outside crew directions to get me directly back to the Strip. My total experience to/from City Center was nothing more than a total maze. Perhaps City Center's completion was not 100% completed, I don't know. All I can tell you folks in Vegas is this: The complex had no clear or logical signage for directional purposes. I didn't see any easy entrance from the Strip into nor out of this complex. My visit left me with a sour and confused feeling not wanting to ever return back to City Center/Aria. I don't know if there is a current, much easier way to enter/exit the complex to the LV Blvd. Strip. To me, the designers or engineers totally screwed up in regard to providing essy, directional, tourist access in and out of City Center/Aria from the LV Strip.

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I had been planning on going to Las Vegas in late Sept. or during October, but the R/T airfares from the Washington, DC airports to LV are have gotten a bit high in $100 more R/T ($320.00). Not that the extra $100 would break me, but it's just the principle. Even the discount airlines Southwest & AirTran from BWI/IAD/DCA have high fares (no sales from this region to LV). They're no cheaper than the other airlines operating from the East Coast. One of them advertises "Bags Fly Free" but it's advertised airfares from here are definitely not discounted (I mean, $320.00 R/T is either the same or higher than the other airlines). Oh well, I was already out to LV for a week during Spring 2010 just $230.00 R/T Air. I guess $320.00 R/T Flight is not that big of a deal to make, considering the great room deals at the Vegas Hotels, but I could be just as happy taking my money by driving up to Atlantic City, NJ to spend. Guess I got spoiled paying a mere $147 to $220 R/T to Vegas.

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