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April 9, 2010

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If you have lived in Vegas for at least a year, you know those are birds/bats who are feasting on the bugs that are attracted to the Luxor beam. I'm hoping this is suppose to be a humorous article because I cannot believe how a reader can take it seriously.

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I know its allegal to say but, I think white trash are disgusting. Ive known many, many white trash and most are alcoholics, druggies and thieves. Not to mention white trash are the biggest bullies in our society, they can be as insulting, mean and racist as anyone else and use the governments fear of the aclu to hide behind while complaining they are bullied. Its B.S. People that are white trash are lazy, deviant and Im sick of how much sympathy they demand for being that way. Okay, you were born that way- so what. Keep your sex private like evryone else and put some clothes on.

(Suggest removal) 8/7/11 at 8:29 a.m.

I felt Harry Reid won the debate. He's answers were coherent while Sharron Angle's were incoherent. She kept "beating around the bush". Although both candidates didn't directly answer some of the questions presented to them. I still feel Reid was able to show Nevada's voters that he has the experience to fight for Nevada. Reid has done so much for our state these past 23 years. This is just a guess but I'm sure most of the Nevadans that want to vote him out have only lived in Nevada for less than 5 years.

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Do you have confirmation they are citizens of Mexico or have parents born in Mexico? Or do they "look Mexican" because I know some people who are mistaken to be Mexican but are not in any way hispanic.

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OK well lets just have the system collapse and all the college students leave Nevada and get their education elsewhere. The people who are saying cut cut cut probably don't know anyone who attends or works at one of the colleges or they would understand first hand the reason why anymore cuts could hurt the system. As a UNLV student I wouldn't mind a reasonable increase in my tuition but only if they bring in more programs or hire more faculty. I don't want to pay more and receive less.

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