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Sept. 18, 2008

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Everyone is complaining about how this doctor needs his lisence takin away and it is his fault. Everyone who has takin these pills are adults and that is why the bottles say take as needed. If you go lose all your money at a casino are you going to want there business lisences takin away? He dosnt make you take the pills and if you come in complaining of pain and are lying your but off then it is your fault. I have been reading these comments and someone said everyone saying good stuff are druggies, well i dont take 1 medication at all and i have worked in the medical feild for 4 years every were you go doctors are giving out these pills. And there are alot of pain management doctors in this town that will not accept patients who are on high doses of meds due to they dont want to take care of them when they have to get them off or adjust the meds.The reporter how took this story should check into that. People need to take responsibility for what they choose to do and stop blaming their problems on other people.

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