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Sept. 20, 2008

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I am glad to see TFA funded because their teachers do contribute greatly to their schools. I wish TFA was a 3 year commitment but the reality is that without TFA teachers, inner city schools would be left with long term substitutes in high needs areas. TFA teachers are often willing to work extra hours and lead extracurriculars, plus TFA provides the on the job training that is desperately needed. Until we provide financial incentives for teachers to work in high poverty areas, TFA will at least help solve some of our recruitment concerns.

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Solorio is exactly correct! None of this addresses the fact that there are no incentives for experienced teachers to stay in the inner city schools. We need financial incentives for quality teachers to drive across town to work in some of our oldest and most difficult schools. Until this problem is addressed, inner city CCSD schools will be filled with first year teachers, teachers kicked out of turnaround schools, and long-term subs. How can we be surprised that there is an achievement gap in CCSD when the system is designed with such inequity for our students?

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Why is this news? I work at a middle school and almost every day after school there is a fight that is recorded and posted on Facebook.

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The sad reality is the gap between whites/Asian v. Hispanics/Blacks is just going to get worse as Hispanics and Blacks have higher birth rates and single family homes while white/Asian parents put all their resources into one or two kids.

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The NPRI should be ashamed of wasting CCSD's time and resources with such a ridiculous lawsuit. Let the voters vote. The reality is that some of our schools are falling apart and need this bond money. If we don't fix the problems now, the repair costs will be out of control. The NPRI's ultra-conservatism has stood in the way of Nevada's educational system for too long and it's time Nevada's demand a quality education.

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