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Dec. 25, 2008

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Maybe now that Board of Regents knows the fact about the corrupt BCS they'll stop slashing budgets and finally give a hoot about UNLV football. Maybe they'll finally realize the importance of getting a new football stadium built.

From what it sounds like the Board of Regents were in the dark about how college athletics work and how insignificant UNLV is. I don't understand how one can be on the Board and not know these's like duh!

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I have mixed feelings about digital textbooks. I can see it being very cost effective in the long run but the intial investment can be pricy. I still prefer old fashioned books to digital books or e-books but the future is digital. Look at the camera and MP3's. I would never go back to use using a film camera and I think many of us wouldn't either. When digital cameras first came out many of us were resistant to it but one can hardly buy film anymore.

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@ lvfacts101

You're obviously some dumb and young kid or some newcomer to Vegas. UNLV had it's glory days in the late 70's, all of the 80's and even won a national championship in 1990 (crushed Duke by 30 points). Along the way, UNLV had some pretty good b-ball players come here. A guy named Larry Johnson (McDonald's All-American), and some other guys named Armon Gilliam, Greg Anthony and Stacy Augmon came to UNLV to play b-ball. Do your homework and check your facts before making dumb comments.

For some people, good news coming from Las Vegas obviously equals wasted tax payer dollars.

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Just as the MWC started to gain respect, this news happens. The MWC is set to become as irrelevant as the Sun Belt Conference. This is why UNLV has to get serious about football and commit to it. Building a new football stadium is a step towards commiting to football. Either UNLV gets serious about football or commit 200% to basketball, dump football and and then get out of the MWC. If people think this news is is irrelevant to UNLV, think again. UNLV is set to lose millions because Boise State would've helped in bringing BCS money to the MWC and UNLV.

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@ petef
Whatever their motives are, why can't you at least see the postives of this donation? What if they're really just donatoting the money to UNLV because they believe in investing in the community...? At least give the Lee family the benefit of the doubt and see it as something good happening at an otherwise finacially struggling university. We should at least see past all the gloom and doom of the world and see the bright side of it.

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