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May 17, 2012

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This article really makes me laugh. I love the words used by the author like "Nevada Republican Party at a raucous state convention". The only thing that was raucous about it was the fact that the moderator, and several other speakers who were taking the votes could not hear very well. Aye's became Nays, and vice versa if it wasn't what they wanted to be approved.

This article shows they are running scared, and they should be. Making a comment like "That takeover has donors and party officials nervous that the new party organization will be more concerned with nominating Paul, or pushing his libertarian philosophy, than being the backbone of the GOP election effort."

The philosophy of all UNITED STATES citizens should be to UPHOLD the CONSTITUTE and the BILL OF RIGHTS!" It almost sounds like they would prefer to condone the BANKSTERS, support AGENDA 21, and become part of the NEW WORLD ORDER!

The author himself needs to chose what side of the fence he is really supports. Some of his comments are very contradictory to his headline. "INFILTRATORS???...ERODE???" It also appears that someone has a real "hard on" for Michael McDonaldal, the comment and references made to him are just hype, and nothing appears to be illegal. Who cares where the money came from, the deal is done, and as long as the property goes toward the proposed purpose what is the big deal, just another attempt to slur someone.

Times are changing folks. WAKE UP...or you will be living in a FEMA CAMP scratching your head and wondering "WHAT HAPPENED"..stop watching the MEDIA'S portrayal and listening to their opinions. Do your HOMEWORK and find out for yourself whether you want your FREEDOM and LIBERTY, or you want to live under the control that is slowly infiltrating our lives day after day. GMO'S, stashing grains and seeds that are not modified, FIAT MONEY, worthless currency we are using. THERE IS PLENTY of GOLD and SILVER to get this economy and our USA back on it's feet, and the remaining the FREE COUNTRY WE LOVE. The Yucca Mountain issue being reintroduced by Gary Hollis and Mark Amadei after it was already a dead issue. These people appear to want to stuff their pockets a bit more, not really caring about the health issues that that projects has and still presents to our communities. Look up ERIONITE, everyone up North is suffering from respiratory disorders and know one seems to figure out why. I suspect it is ERIONITE, which is cancer causing, that was disturbed when they began the Yucca Mountain project years ago.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, PAY ATTENTION, do your HOMEWORK! It is your lives, your children and grandchildrens futures at stake!

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