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February 23, 2017

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Nov. 12, 2012

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Propaganda and smoke screens! They think people are stupid. I went to the site where my friend was shot that morning and that afternoon. I saw the street markings of where my friends car was and METRO's patrol cars were. The officer with the AR15 was no more than an est 10 feet away from the officer with the bean bag gun. I have a hard time believing he didn't know THE PLAN! Also, what the hell do you need an AR15 when he was only an est 20-25 feet away from the Cadillac. They acted before the negotiators got there! They didn't contact his wife to help aleviate the situation. He was sick and lost. And most of you have no idea what transpired the last 24 hours prior to him being killed. METRO has no intentions of claiming responsibily for my friend's death. Let's see if the radio was the problem with all the other shootings in 2009 to this year!

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