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March 20, 2010

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they dont want to answer hard questions more than twice. since when are the facts of something, hard to answer. the truth should not be hard to answer nor should it change. And why do they feel they can ask civilians the same questions a dozen times. They are not so above everyone else that special rules should apply to them. The law is still the law. The police need to remember they are supposed to serve and protect the public not just themselves.

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I guess they should feel lucky that Metro didn't shoot them...

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Wake up people.... the more laws like this we allow to be made is another freedom taken from us... We are quickly becoming a dictatorship. Although I think something needs to be done to encourage our kids to attend school, this is not the way to go about it. And what about the kids that are homeschooled or in an independant study program, to have a law like that in place is completely unfair for them..... Our school board is out of control, I think they need to go back to school or go to saturday intervention to remind them they are there to teach while the kids are there, and need to mind there own business and worry about all the embezzlement taking place, and why our schools are suffering.
I also think if they would allow teachers to be more creative in order to make learning fun or at least interesting the kids would want to go to school.

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Forget health care, the real issue is the total disregard for law and rightful interruption of the constitution. Surely this is one more step to a dictatorship.
The only vote that should be debated is whether to impeach, censure or otherwise remove all these traitors.

That is only part of the constitution that has been re done and our rights lost. To many people vote on new laws that they are clueless to what they are really approving, and everyday we are losing more rights.We are already more than half way to being a dictatorship country.
We are way past time for a revelution. The only problem with having one now is our government would send in the national gaurd and just wipe us all out.
I dont know about everywhere but here in the United States of Nevada our entire government especially the justice system is out of control and is in desperate need for restructure.

(Suggest removal) 3/20/10 at 10:55 a.m.

It's people like that who make it hard for people with legitimate causes. I think that if there were stiffer penalties on people whom commit crimes on other people, and less time spent on screwing with people in their own home, there would be fewer problems occuring.

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