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Jan. 8, 2009

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i agree with safetyone here...all ya here is she said he said.its her fault,its his fault.damnit someone just tell the truth.we wanted to fill our pockets with money.we all know the truth.just have the balls to come out and say it guys...jeez.think we are all stupid or what????

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i have been watching the las vegas construction since i had decided to become an ironworker back in 07.there is no reason why so many people had to die in las vegas.there is no justification what so ever.none.we can throw the blame around and point all the fingers we still does nothing to bring relief to all those who lost loved ones on the strip.the contractors knew exactly what they were doing and did nothing to stop any of these is sad but simple.greed does alot of things to people in this world.and letting others die to turn a profit seems to fit that bill.i pray that they one day all get what they deserve,every single person who let it happen and did nothing.may they remember every single day what they did and where in the end it got them...alot of dead and dying projects in what used to be one of the most popular destinations in the world.greed is a sin and this is why.may GOD rest all their i still want to become a structural ironworker? vegas?sure.because maybe now they see what it is they should have done all along.the right thing and the right way.

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