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Dec. 23, 2009

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Rating Scheme addition:

Forgot to include the way to measure
If item number 1 is the most important to you that would rate say 14 of 14 items. The second most important would rate a 13. If you rate a hotel in the most important area as a 3 you would multiple 3 x 14 for 42. Add up all of the scores after multiplication is done and you will have the best property based on your neeeds.

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Boris, you made some very good arguments. One must define first what they value the most before determining the best places. The best way is to rate each value and then multiply to see who scores the best. Some areas to consider include:

Free things
Friendliness of Staff
Comp policy
Variety and type of gaming

If you can assign a priority to each one that fits your style, then you can cross reference against the casinos you have visited. For me personally, the following rate fairly well on my list (not in order).

1. Caesar's Palace
2. The Orleans
3. Venetian
4. Wynn
5. Golden Nugget

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Rather than downplay whether it will work or not, here is a list of 7 things that have been on TV or Vegas on Demand that actually were interesting:

1. Mobsters in Vegas
2. Learning to play Baccarat and Craps
3. Show information and background; Elvis, Rat Pack, etc.
4. Breeder's Cup Betting
5. Cheating in Vegas (gaming)
6. Things to do outside of Vegas
7. Vegas roller coasters and rides

Now add to this list news, international gaming news, inside tracks, horse handicapping, new games review, things to do, free things to do, shopping, etc. (huge list of course).

The idea is that there is a wealth of things that could be covered. If you want success, ask your customers what they want to see. To reach the broad audience that does exist including those thay may want to visit Vegas, you have to consider what they want to see. Anything short of that will be a huge failure.

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Jeremy, I am so glad I am not the only one that has eaten at the awful buffet. LOL.

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aprilgirl12, I am with you. No reason to drive. In fact, I am in Vegas mode now walking lots per day to get ready for the long walking there. Why not get healthy while spending all that money?

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