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February 26, 2017

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Jacqueline Campbell
March 14, 2012

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With so many that couldn't speak english you would have thought that a Half day pre kindergarten would have been instituted a couple of years ago. Maybe we were too busy allowing the mortgage crisis while many pockets were filled during all of this even the casino's. Education wasn't a worry and it shows . Legislators and Unions filled their pockets with salaries and entitlements without ever thinking that they had to provide quality services with the money they filled their pockets with. How much money will Wynn put into the Community Engagement Funds?

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Religious Mormon Person he professed to be would not have gone against the poor in this nation while having the rich standing by his sides.. He mocked those in poverty in front of his rich financial peers. Mormonism must be different than my Catholic upbringing. We always gave to poor and prayed for them.

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Rewriting the tax code to fit this terrible economy. Everyone voted for it whether Democrat or Republican. We all pretty much have sat back thinking a miracle would come down from heaven. We have spent a good 12 years dreaming. Now it is time to get to work and fix the economy. This nation doesn't have another four years to waste and find out nothing has changed in the way O'Bama won.

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Don't be too sure of how you won. Smear campaigns end up to be just that. Wondering after the new person gets in who REALLY WAS THE DISHONEST ONE. It will take alot of sensible decisions to keep that position with how voters are changing to be more diversified now and more of them everyday. Many races were this close. You act like you won by this huge landslide.

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If you chose not to change that is why Romney lost. How many more years can the GOP and their lobbyist's afford to keep losing with their thinking?

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