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February 25, 2017

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March 18, 2009

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as botfx says:
This is no longer about the tragic event that took place that July day. It is about the lack of respect and trust that a large portion of we, the public, no longer have in those we elect or hire to protect us.

The bigger issue at hand is the loss of trust we have in public officials and those in power. A quick search of the Internet and the amount of abuse of power and trust can quickly make the pessimist out of anyone. LVPD has lost the trust of its citizens (thus, the massive outcry at hand over the inquest), and if nothing is done to try and regain that trust, events such as these will continue to happen, and the citizens will continue to fight them, irregardless of whether LVPD was right or wrong in their actions.

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so the 3 people, go to buy drugs. 2 remain in car, while the 3rd goes to the dealer. dealer pulls gun, and during the fight over the gun, the gun goes off, killing the dealer. then the two other teens who was with the buyer, helps dispose of the body? sounds like more than a accidental gunfire. two teens should be charged with accessories.

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also, couple questions. do we have to use our real name to be shown on our comments? or can we still use our usernames (after being a trusted commenter).

also, can we back out? Say we have to use our real names, but later change our mind about showing our real names, can we become a 'non trusted' commenter again ?

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So i went to verify through facebook. but doesn't seem to work. It is in my facebook applications as allowed, as expected. but then the box pops up to login to my LVSun account. after that nothing happens, outside of the page logging me out.


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Aynnie, you cannot prevent me from copying and pasting anything from your page, irregardless of a right-click script.

SgtRock, i didn't realize the people who were posting stories were profiting from it, nor taking credit for it. Many of the accused had links or even credited LVRJ for it.

Big Difference

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