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Margie Robinson
Aug. 3, 2009

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President Obama is on the record stating that he wouldn't object to paying more in taxes if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire because God has blessed him. Now we must wait on Congress to get its act together. The American people, if recent polls are an accurate reflection of their position, are already in agreement with the president's position. So far, all republicans have been willing to offer are cuts to programs that affect the poor and the middle class citizens in the country.

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"Were the Party respinsible for running up 70% of the Federal Deficit since 2001...

**And, who was the president from 2001-2009 who signed those bills into law that created the 70%?

No one was twisting his arm or the arms of those "always brave" republicans in Congress at that time.

The two presidents that increased the deficit the most were, ta dah!

Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush

No amount of "spinning" will change the facts. The data is warehoused on the Congressional Budget Office website and will remain there forevermore.

Which president increased the deficit the most is not the relevant issue. The issue is how do we get republicans and democrats in Congress and in the public to agree to work on it in a bipartisan manner and to stop using it as a political football to score political points while avoiding addressing the issue? Pointing fingers at each other means that time is being wasted and nothing is being done to reduce the deficit. The real losers are the American citizens whose voices are being ignored in the deficit/debt limit debate because, no matter whether action is taken, or not taken, we always end up paying the costs, and sometimes I think this is exactly where members of Congress want us--at each other's throats, arguing over inconsequential issues, while they continue getting paid big bucks for doing nothing to resolve any issue.

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Should read--members of Congress look out for their own wealth before they consider the rest of America or the welfare of the nation, and many of them are more interested in keeping their seats in Congress than they are in doing the right things.

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So true, Skipblough,

To fix the deficit requires two things: allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire and ending the two wars we're currently involved in, and many of them are more interested in keeping their seats in Congress than they are in doing the right things. The problem isn't that many Americans don't realize this, it's that members of Congress look out for themselves and their own wealth before they consider the plight of the American people or the health of our nation.

The latest CBO report shows that the debt problem is caused by a lack of REVENUE, and that higher spending accounts for only one-quarter of the debt. An easy to understand chart is included.

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Thanks, Gatorray11 (Ray Cohn),

Too many Americans depend upon politicians and talking heads on TV to tell them things instead of researching anything for themselves. The media and the GOP seized upon "1967 borders" and conveniently refused to include "with land swaps." This is indeed the SAME policy the U.S. has pursued for decades. The gullibility of many Americans never ceases to amaze me. Once again, thanks for your comments and for clearing up the issue from the perspective of one who has an intimate knowledge of the issues.

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