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February 25, 2017

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June 6, 2009

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Thank you Husein Obama for setting such a racist tone in our country...

(Suggest removal) 7/4/13 at 8:12 a.m. sold us out with the illegal immigrant's Drivers this? You have lost my vote!

(Suggest removal) 6/1/13 at 6:44 a.m.

Great article. We moved from Wisconsin about a year ago and live in Henderson. We love it here. We are not particularly concerned with the traffic as we both grew up in Chicago and it is very similar. When we are on the Strip (NY,NY is our favorite Strip casino) we enjoy watching the touristas, as we call them, especially the armature gamblers...what a hoot! Can't beat how the casinos like M and South Point treat the, free play, buffets, shows, etc. It is a great place to retire, sorry we didn't move sooner.

(Suggest removal) 4/27/13 at 7:10 a.m.

Glad to see the system works...wonder if it works for Democrats as well....just saying

(Suggest removal) 11/3/12 at 7:42 a.m.

For every thought spoken, 100 people think the same way but do not speak until it is safe....

(Suggest removal) 9/25/12 at 8:27 a.m.

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