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Jan. 21, 2010

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I worked for KRAVE, operating lights for the nightclub, as well as several shows including Little Legends, the Amazing Jonathan, and the show Fetish, and I can speak from first hand experience that when it comes to paying employees, Kelly has a VERY hard time producing the checks, and even when he does, they bounce. It got extremely out of hand when he neglected to pay multiple workers for several weeks, then he shows up in a BRAND NEW YELLOW CORVETTE!! And still, all the checks we received were bouncing left and right. I don't think the financial situation of KRAVE rests in it's revenue problems, I think there's some "sticky fingers" handling the money. If I were Sia, I'd have a thorough investigation set up, with Kelly being the center icon of that investigation. KRAVE's problems are much more than what is presented in the media. Someone should look in to this situation.

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