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June 3, 2009

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yes it will do damage, but it wont even come remotely close to the damage we have had for 5 years under this guy! we need to send a message to these idiots, and a boycott, even if it is for a couple of games sends a very big message!

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Calling on all true rebels! We are going to boycott sam boyd till we get a new coach! it will send a big message when the stadium next week is byu blue!! Who's with us?!

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i agree with the guys on


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Look, for once sufferin' is right. I watches that game and the coaching staff didn't make any play changes until the last drive of the game against hawaii. me and my dad were both yelling at the tv the entire game long! We were yelling because of the 6 and 7 man d-line that they kept putting against hawaii's offense. Look anyone knows that when you have a 99% passing team you do not put 6 or 7 guys on the line! you go with a form of a 3-4 and play the WR's straight up! and we didn't see any of that until that last drive of the ballgame!!! You think that it was coincidence that their QB had to throw it away twice and didn't complete 2 passes in that last drive! I dont think so!
It's like i tell my friends, and i hate to say it, but we are never going to go anywhere with this coaching staff. And until it changes we are going to have the exact the same results every year that we have been seeing.

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That's awesome!

That is exactly the same thing I am trying to do with Basketball. I have a bunch of shirt designs that I tried to get looked at by unlv marketing dept. and they pretty much told me yeah right. I guess that i am gonna have to start doing this out of my own pocket too.
I agree, we need to look harder for people to bring into the marketing for the Rebs, people exactly like this guy!

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