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July 22, 2009

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gov jimbo gimbo is a slave to the mining industry. We have to tax the mining industry 7% on every dollar period and half of Nevadas problems will diminish, the other half of are problems are the idiots that have put this state in a hole with their back door deals. ( yes im talking about RE pulic CANTS )

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@kirkland1. your just as bad as sufferin, the guy has been the head coach for two weeks give him a chance. UNLV football has bigger problems than recruiting the facilities are below average and we as fans need to get behind this program and fill seats instead of crying like little school girls about what local talent went to play ball out of state. why dont you wait and see what recruits he brings in before you start making your defeatist comments.

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i watched a couple of rebels games this week that were showing on the mtn. and what i noticed about the rebels defense was that the d line was a big reason why we did so horrid in games where we had a chance to win or be competitive i.e. Oregon st. and Wyoming. Way to many slow guys up front concerned about their hair rather then stopping the run coach paulson must address this issue along with getting depth in the line backing core so when number 1 go down the 2 can pick it up and finish.

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@ griznation you are a racist " Mexicans shoving mags in your face" you would probably learn something from one of those mags lmao... It sounds like your boy friend just left you for something better and your left outside looking in.. talk to me at the end of next year when you guys are sub 500.. so to you and all of the rest of the grizzly nation that took time to visit our site thank you have a nice day up there in montana.

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well said nevsoufebfan

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