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Dec. 17, 2008

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Nevada doesnt mean a thing to Hairless Harry at this point, its all about whos back needs the scatching. If anything tells us in politics, it is, to heck with the people, they do not know what they want, so I will do what I think is correct, and the politicians will always do for the group(s) that will do for them...check this out this is typical Reid....

Cornyn balked at a quick vote on Clinton, expressing dissatisfaction with the steps she has promised to guard against potential conflicts of interest involving foreign donations to the foundation her husband, former President Bill Clinton, set up.
"You have a unique circumstance. . . . Two of the most powerful people in America happen to be married to each other. A former president who's got this foundation and accepting huge contributions from foreign nationals and foreign countries happens to be married to the person who will be the chief diplomat for the United States," Cornyn said Tuesday. "I think it needs some more work to have greater transparency. If it doesn't get handled now, it probably won't get handled. So it's important to talk about it now."
Early Tuesday, Cornyn spokesman Kevin McLaughlin said Cornyn was "keeping all of his options on the table," including a possible filibuster.
That irked Clinton's home-state colleague, Sen. Charles E. Schumer , D-N.Y. "At most, he'll hold it off for two days," Schumer said. "What's the point? We've already gone through the process."
Majority Leader Harry Reid , D-Nev., later secured a unanimous consent agreement to vote on Clinton's nomination Wednesday.

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These projects are always about science, anyone who thinks different is not all there. It may be a political game on funding issues and the tag you're it show but, these projects are always evaluated and designed with the utmost safety intended. Some folks would be just downright dangerous, if they knew what they were talking about...JEEZ...and this Andy Weitman...what a moron!!!

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I have had it with Nevada, hopefully, the DOE will not ever spend one more penny in the state. It seems that the thinking is that of Californian style, or even worse.

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Whats the problem with offering more programs? Some people have to complain about everything. Maybe our colleges should be geared towards what the government wants us to be?? Get real!!

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What the sad part is, is that after 20 years and billions spent, these groups appear with speculations instead of facts. It is sad that NV and their hired henchmen waited 20 years to protest the building of this depository, it is actually a crime against the taxpayer. I admit a full review is not a problem but, should have been performed long ago. Based on a final review, if it is found to be a viable and safe option then build it, if not, pull the plug and any future DOE ventures in Nevada.

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