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May 9, 2013

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Mrs. Ocegueda had a duplicate set of checks made and would enter bills in QuickBooks or other expenses, print out the check to pay those bill or expense, have Tom sign the check, then she would scan his signature from that check and put it on one of the checks with the same number he had made and change the payee to her name. So, in QuickBooks it showed the check was cleared and paid to a supplier when in reality it was cashed by Ana Ocegueda. She was clever and cunning and we have had many professional, forensic accountants say her manipulation and theft is some of the best they have seen.

(Suggest removal) 5/9/13 at 2:32 a.m.

I am not sure who Active 1 is but I find it suspicious that he/she doesn't show their name. My name is JoAnna and I have been the one to personally work through this with the Clift's and uncover this theft in this case. Tom Clift might have made a mistake trusting Ana, but the comments from Active 1 couldn't be further off base. This company has employed up to 2o plus people at one time, their pay is at the top of the bracket. This woman was paid $1,000.00 a week plus benefits. She stole most of the money from pretending to be Janie Clift and applied for an Office Depot Card sent to her in her name. Ana had access to all of Mr. & Mrs. Clifts personal info because most of it was at the office in her office. Ana also opened and checked in the mail. (the card may be an office depot card but can be used at ANY retailer that takes visa/mastercard) then over a 3 1/2 year period of time she charged $169,288.19 of personal charges on this card and paid the payments with business checks.
She was caught because Janie Clift received a call from Chase Visa saying she was late on a payment, Janie told them she didn't have nor had ever applied to get a Chase card, then learned that over $16,000 was charged on a card that Ana had opened and then CHANGED Mrs. Clifts billing and mailing address to her address so she would get the statements.
To make the record correct, unlike Active 1....
N.A.C. Electric, Inc, not NEC Electric....maybe Active is talking about someone else....anyway, N.A.C. Electric, Inc has over 50 suppliers, hundreds of customers and is the electrical contractor of choice for several of the major hotels and casino as well as many of the major gas stations in Las Vegas. N.A.C. Electric does business in the 7 figures each year, they pay their electricians and helpers at the top of the wage scale, I have worked with Tom and find he is quite the opposite that Active 1 explains. He is quiet, still does business the old school way, would rather do things by a hand shake and your word than a piece of paper and many of his employees have been with him since day one of starting his business.
Active 1 seems to be the ONLY person I have ever heard that has ill words to say about this family and this business. Plus, no matter if they were good, bad or evil...........NO ONE has the right to take what wasn't theirs to begin with! I am thinking this Active 1 has something to do with Mrs. Ocegueda. But, even if that is the case....we invite you (Active 1) to come and see what she did for yourself and see if you might have a change in attitude. Even Mrs. Ocegueda's husband and family have NO idea.

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