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Oct. 10, 2008

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The amazing Mr. P. is an international legend in pigeon-fancier circles - meaning the people who love these birds for themselves, rather than for breeding, racing or homing purposes.

His stories of bringing injured or mistreated pigeons back from the doorstep of death are endless, and he apparently has a rare gift that goes beyond mere empathy: some call him "the pigeon whisperer"!

Anyway, as one familiar with his activities and sense of compassion, I enjoyed seeing this article: it's clear that the author had a real sympathy for both the man and the subject.

Which is as it should be: in a world of increasing uniformity and ego-driven individuals, Phil stands out as a warm and human exception to the rule.

Oh yeah, and did I say that he's one very cool dude?

A fan in Paris, France

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