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Nov. 12, 2009

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The last sentence states "without resorting to layoffs". They REDUCED IN STAFF which means your on call. They will try and fire you when you get called to work and when a certain time line is reached you get terminated for RIS. Its just a different type of layoff and it helps nothing. Butera lies........... The entire article is garbage

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Balogna! Trop Worker sounds ridiculous. Both sides of the argument are wrong. It doesn't take 25 to 30 years. Who did you pay off to keep your job? It doesn't take all those years of service to be a good employee! The jobs are not that mentally complicated. Your just defending your age!!! Congratulations for being at Tropicana 25 to 30 years but there are to many of you in the same age category. There needs to be a diversified balance of age and the lay offs are over done. There just hiring more executives and firing more Employees. The Government will have to get involved more with Vegas CEO schematics on its employees and implement more laws and regulation on "revamping" Hotels. It sucks that many people at Trop are collateral damage. The BARTENDERS GOTTA GO! RETIRE!!!!! but The Hotel has gotta realize their view is screwed up to. Miss America cant Tend Bar. She wont get her hands dirty. The whole Micro-Managed situation is unrealistic and will fail. Its over at Trop. Good work gets no respect

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Balogna! Same old song and dance. Hire 100 Executives and fire 500 employees. Trop will pay.Bankrupt! and it is Foreign Corporate ownership...... Alex, and Scott, and David and Bobby Yee who chooses to remain silent in existence and create 10 other exec titles that have no value other then stealing money. Micro-MANAGEMENT at its finest

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Jim Laughlin only knows how to fire people! what a big skill to be proud of. Lay off employees to work part time so they have an opportunity to get fired so they cant get unemployment. No hours means no insurance. Why are the Bartenders all the same age group? That is weird. A bunch of ghetto people who don't know how to use Instead of playing political games, Laughlin should just close it all and let everyone go and make the Steady extras reapply to be REHIRED! ignoring the other apps of people who should retire!. The Union is in Bed with Trop. duh! In end they will go Non Union and all the old timers will get a buy out retirement. Anyone under 6o years of age! is screwed. It is all strategically arranged by Tropicanas master mind Attorney. Legally there is nothing anyone can do

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