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February 21, 2017

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June 21, 2010

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Just another example of government gestapo tactics by authorities with titles abusing their power. We Americans have allowed all the wrong people of lesser character power to control and manipulate our lives. This country was settled and built by men and women of strong wills, great character and spiritual values not by the weak willed, bullies exercising unearned power over others through "Pack" mentality. Gutless thugs like the health inspector here are what is wrong with this country. He acts on the misinformation and programming of socialist/communist "societal designers" without being able to think for himself. He is nothing more than a Zombie thug for those who want to dictate the lives of all of us. Common sense was murdered some years ago. We who value individual freedom and liberty must find his body and raise common sense from the dead to restore true intelligence to challenge the pseudo-intellectualism that is destroying rational thinking. This fascist corporate state centralist control of human life must be dismantled to save the human species from extinction. The power mongers seem not to understand that weakening of the species will destroy them as well as us peons.

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