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April 15, 2009

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that is GREAT advice Cliff.....I hope they contact you

(Suggest removal) 8/31/10 at 8:09 a.m.

You know what people. I lived right next door to them before they moved out. I saw the front yard start to get run down and after speaking with Roger, I was obvious he was not going to be able to fix it. Knowing how brutal these HOA people for Avante are, I knew it was only a matter of time before their claws got stuck into them. So, I went over, trimmed the suckers from the base of the tree and took my garden hose over and started deep watering it to help it look better. Went in the backyard and started handwatering things for them there too. As far as the leak - get over yourselves people, that is not the tenants responsibility.
And, I saw the remenants of the spiders that were left behind, that is a true statement from them.
These 2 people are very kind and trying to survive people. I talked with both of them several times.
Now, question for some you. If you had to walk to the store in 115 degree weather because you were \ are down on your luck, would you? I saw them both doing that. By the time I saw them, they were almost there otherwise, I would have picked them up. That kind of heat is not for anyone to be walking in, I don't care who you are.
I am quite sickened by a lot of your comments towards these 2 human beings. These are real people, living real life (and not an easy one right now). How many times do you hear of other banks, etc opening up accounts for people who are in need? People who are in horrific car accidents, etc. Do you complain about them? Do you think they are trying to scam something? So what if US Bank chose to do that. That bank took bail out money just because it was offered to them. I had one of their employees tell me that.! Now, THAT you should be enraged about.
either way - IMHO if you have never had to roll nickels to get gas to go to work, or share a can of tuna fish with your pet cat, she got the juice on nuggets, and I got the fish. if you have never cried yourself to sleep from worry, depression, more worry, anxiety, not knowing what is going to happen to you from one day to the next. I suggest you get your head back in the sunshine folks.
Would you want to have people comment to you like some of you have done if you were in this prediciment? jeezoman~
These are HUMAN BEINGS, they are not disposable.

(Suggest removal) 8/31/10 at 7:54 a.m.

we are just down the street from the "contact" center. Send the union reps over our way. I would vote all day long for the unions.

(Suggest removal) 4/16/09 at 8:41 a.m.

Pat -
perhaps you can provide a daily work schedule murren has. Yawn, meeting #1, meeting #2 - nap time. Oh and heck, lunch time - nap time - Yawn, can I get my admin to get me some *cawfee*? Don't insult people by stating they don't have education or don't work hard. You find it *funny*? There isnt anything funny about possibly loosing your home or having to park a car IN the garage in hopes the repo man can't get in. How old is murren? 50ish? that aint' a lifetime in case you can't count.
You can *guarantee* that if I were murren I would not be complaining? you ARE right about that - you know why? Because I would not have to do that. So, YUP you are right.

I work in IT and guess what? we are deemed a non money maker department.....heheheheh perhaps I should just disable all the front desk accounts. shall I snap murren off his LAN account? Oh, and wait whatZ about the retail shops? schnapp. Oh and since I on a roll, his admin - BYE....non money maker my but$. IMHO he should be apologizing to the employees that are no longer there. Do you or others know that in our mgmmirage momentum *newsletter* (sent daily) that he claimed to be from a middle class family? hahahahaha - right. I dang near fell outta my chair in laughter. He was raised in Fairfield, CT. I don't think those *middleclass* in that part of the country really understand that you *CAIN'T* see yo yacht from yo front yard.

(Suggest removal) 4/15/09 at 6:40 p.m.

I work for that company. And today I was given the *priviledge* [sarcasm] of being forced to apply for my job that I currently am in. Why? Cause they merged 3 departments of IT and only have 65 openings and 80 people to apply. Oh, and lets not forget the TEMPS that are there and *I* after 6 years have to compete against them.....How can Murren justify his actions right now? Our quality assurance department got outsourced the beginning of March. Guess what? It got outsourced to India. Oh, and here is some insult to injury.....those India people are literally sitting in the same chairs as my friends *were*, get it *were*. The few that were not walked out by security in March were left to train the outsourced people. WTF? And then the outsourced people call ME for tech support? that is unacceptable, oh and by the way UNAMERICAN!
who the heck are your referring to as the communist messiah and who the heck is odinga? The way you structure that sarcastic sentence is that YOU will be included in a *crappy standard of living* - you justified what the mega companies are doing to the U.S. of America. If YOU dont like the crappy standard of living, perhaps this country isnt for YOU!
MGM Mirage professes to be the cheerleader of healthy living. All the properties have employee dining rooms. I am off site and we dont. However, just a couple of months ago, they were delivering fresh fruit, a milk machine and those small boxes of cereal for us. We all thought - hey that is cool. Finally, we got some fun stuff. The MGM Mirage Corporation takes a tax deduction for every single (employed *cough*)person $7.50 perday for the food they provide in the EDRs.Since we are off site, we got a whopping $6.50 daily stipend for food. Its taxable income,big, deduct the 28% tax bracket, and then the sales tax on any food we may buy. Do the math. We got emails telling us to no longer show up at properties to eat at the EDR because the card swipers will not let us in. Now, for me, I bring my food every single day however, that doesnt dismiss that the MGM Mirage corporation still takes a tax deduction for our lovely whopping $6.50 a day that WE pay taxes on...........
Not only do we not get the whopping 3% COLA this year, which if you can do the math without an abicus, doesnt actually cover the real COLA.Oh, and heck, the company is no longer contributing to our 401k plan. they sent that letter out to their minions dated March 25th - the quarter was due March 31st in which they would have had to match our contributions.
Not one of the front line workers/room service /to PAD/ bldg engineers/to IT made ONE freakin financial decision as murren has. HE and the upper management ARE responsible for the condition of the company. Not ME, not anyone who lives check to check.
so narc -spare me the thinking that any ONE of us is a whiner.
Oh, and BTW do you drive a bentley? I think I saw you park it the other day

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