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Dec. 4, 2008

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P.S. 2zero forgot to relate Mr. Whittemore's personal successes to Area 51 which resides just a mountain range away to the northwest. There must be some nefarious connection to someone who has experienced success after risking his own personal fortune. Come on, please!!!!!

Maybe 2zero should carefully read JJspeaks poignant discussions. I personally love the west, the desert and Southern Nevada. I am also a sport and recreational enthusiast, and believe this incredible location will become the home to a truly memorably new town in the desert southwest.

I also love Nevada's low taxes and realize how this universal benefit is funded...gaming and development. This is especially relevant as the State and all Nevadans struggle through today's economic slowdown!

Howard Hughes had a similar vision for Summerlin, by the way, and I remember some 15+ years ago people thought Hughes Corporation was CRAZY to start a new master planned community west of Las Vegas.

We need more visionary like yourself, Mr. Whittemore.

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Evidently Dirk is not an avid golfer or he would have realized that PGA Golf Club Coyote Springs has recently been named as a "Top New Golf Course" by Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, and Travel & Leisure Golf. But I am sure that Dirk would proclaim that Mr. Whittemore undoubtedly bought these international designations as well. As an avid golfer and sports enthusiast from SNv, I have experienced the wonder to PGA Golf Club Coyote Springs and can say without doubt that it honors our State and is a testament to Mr. Whittemore's vision for this unique site. Personally, I can't wait to be one of the first homeowners at Coyote Springs!

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