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Jon Ralston
Jan. 12, 2008

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I don't usually respond to comments on my column or blog posts because readers should be allowed to say what they want without fear the writer will always get the last word. But Mr. Henderson's post is an exception. Why?

Because what he says here is misleading and outrageous. And because he fails to disclose he has worked in the law firm using the shameful tactics I wrote about above.

Henderson is arguing that the firm's lawyers are justified in using the "litigation privilege" to fabricate allegations in a legal motion -- they have no evidence because none exists -- and then ask for documents to back up their fantasy.

Why "evade" the subpoena? Two reasons.

First, there is something Henderson and the firm apparently don't understand -- it's called a principle. For any journalist to allow such an insidious request to be accepted would be a violation of all that our profession holds dear. But, second, why should anyone have to answer a "When did you stop beating your wife? " allegation, which carries a presumption of guilt.

I repeat: What is alleged in those documents -- prove you didn't do this, Ms. Gentry! -- is an outrageous abuse of the legal system. And, I'll say it for her: It is false and pure character assassination. She does not have to prove something for which the firm has no evidence and that happens not to be true.

Your inane charge that I have a "conflict of interest" in writing about this exposes your sophistry -- again. I didn't publish that to "help out" Ms. Gentry. I published it because what the firm is doing is outrageous and needs to be exposed for all to see. No one thinks I hid my affiliation with Ms. Gentry. Why did you not disclose your ties with the firm?

Leaving out a number of pertinent facts? Well, sir, why don't you post those facts here? I won't publish your briefs because what they seek to do is use innuendo and lies to attack someone's character. I'll tell you why you won't publish them yourself or put these "pertinent facts" out here -- because they are not facts. But perhaps I am wrong: If you are so confident of what you say, please do post the allegations you make in your briefs and your putative "facts" right here.

You, sir, should be ashamed.

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