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Aug. 26, 2009

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First and foremost, may you rest in peace Diegito! You will always be in our hearts. I can still remember the little 9 year old kid with contagious smile and the deepest dimples. Gosh! I'm a sucker for dimples. Irma would always tease you by saying you were my little boyfriend and you would get embarrassed. I was 18 at the time, maybe if I was 10 years younger ;) who knows? That is my memory of you and I thank you for that.

Now, I would like to ask those who made inappropriate comments dealing with race to open their eyes to what is really happening here. A life was taken, it does not matter if they are here legally or not. You are being disrespectful to the family by making idiotic comments that do not even apply to Diego.

For those of you saying the MURDERER Edgar made a mistake, that he was trying to change his life, that it was self-defense, or that he was a good guy. Perhaps I'm biased but please! He knew what he was doing, he carried a lethal weapon and used it, stabbing Diego 3 times. Not just once but 3 times! He wanted to get the job done and had no remorse about it. I feel no pity for a coward act like his. He fought to kill.
In the end time will tell and God will bring justice to all. Now all that is left are broken hearts, a mother in agony calling out for her son Diegito and a distraught daughter, wondering when she will see her daddy again.

RIP Diego Solorio

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