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Oct. 3, 2008

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If you were the boss, who would you hire???

OBAMA: Harvard law professor, Juris Doctor of law degree, constitutional law expert, Senate committees: foreign affairs, homeland security, veterans affairs, family, education, health.

BIDEN: Juris Doctor of law degree, Senate committees: Foreign affairs (chair), economy, health, crime, women's affairs, education, technology, environment

McBUSH: graduated from the naval academy in the bottom 5% of his class, senate committees: economy, environment, official conduct (arguably the 3 biggest Republican failures!!!!!!!!!)

PITBULL PALIN: went to 6 different universities before finally getting a BA degree in journalism, no domestic or foreign policy experience but can see Russia from her house.


If you vote McBush/Pitbull, the fate of your country will be in jeopardy. Everyone here in Europe is laughing at Americans--- America has become the butt of all jokes--- people are asking, how can they seriously consider voting for McBush and his Pitbull for another 4 years of Bush's failed policies? Don't they ever learn???

Remember the frontpage headline of London's Daily Mirror newspaper back in 2004 when Americans re-elected Bush: HOW CAN 59 MILLION PEOPLE BE SO DUMB?

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HAHAAHA Pitbull Palin was a disaster!!

"We're gunna get'cha, by darn dog'gone it!" She sounded a lot like Bush!!!

She couldn't stop regurgitating Republican verbal diarrhea--- such empty words, with no substance.

Seriously, this is who Americans want as the 2nd leader of their country? Ready to assume the presidency at a moments notice? Remember McBush is 72 years old, had cancer 3 times and is on 6 different meds.

BIDEN SPOKE ABOUT THE ISSUES and time and time again had to correct her lies and fabrications.


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