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February 20, 2017

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Bruce Peterman
March 6, 2012

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I'm a registered Democrat and I voted for Romney at early voting so it doesn't matter. Theres more people voting republican than you think. A political adviser for a republican gov. leading people to vote for Obama,they will vote for Obama just because someone told them he would win, you should be fired by our gov. You are not smart enough to be his adviser, let alone a Republican. If we can't get someone better than Obama to run in the Democratic party I will continue to vote Republican

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Does this mean the mayor, city council and the rest of the pork are taking a pay cut and less benefits? What would happen to the City if all city employees decided not to show up for work, its already a mess. Theres other ways to cut the budget and it's not by cutting the people that make the city operate. What would we do if the police walked out, you can't walk the streets at night now? Do we want to watch our houses burn because the city don't have firemen or be like Chicago when the city shut down and the trash was 6 ft tall on the street and rats everywhere. Sure don't look good for the mayor to be re elected.

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