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Aug. 11, 2008

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I've visited 17-18 times in the last 10 yrs. and it's definitely interesting to see how various properties change/evolve over the years. I would agree that most of the changes/renovating/freshening has seriously diluted many of the properties.It's obvious that MGM/Mirage particularly has had a simple focus, squeeze to 20 somethings (and 30 somethings trying to act like they are 23) for all they are worth. This is the club crowd that will spend big on the rooms, the food,and of course the drink! We've all seen this crowd, they stand in line, get in the way, behave poorly, etc... A few years ago it was reported that non-gaming revenue had surpassed gaming revenue, how is it possible? Simple, $250 for a bottle of vodka in room with bad lighting and uncomfortable couches, what a concept! It's unfortunate that virtually every property(with a few exceptions, like "M") is chasing this crowd/business.

Let's hope that one of the results of this economy is better total gaming value. The free rooms are great but I should'nt have to run all over town trying to find gaming tables that are'nt "tricked-up". Like everyone else if I want to be ripped off, I'll stay local and pay the indians.

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We started staying at Station properties about 5 yrs. ago and have'nt looked back. The Red Rock Hotel/Casino/Spa is a fantastic place and we can (with play history)stay for under $100/night in rooms that feel like $250+. You can also find good, affordable food at Station properties all over the valley. As for the 20 somethings crowd on the strip? Who needs the hassle? The majority of them are simply "in the way"! Virtually anything you try and do on the strip these days you will find these clueless crowds "In the way"

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