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February 27, 2017

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Oct. 10, 2008

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It is just mindboggling that the Sun would endorse a candidate as out of touch with reality as Chris Garvey. Who in their right mind would start a "door-knocking" campaign to get truant students to school? When does she propose this take place? Who is going to do this? Where is the money going to come from? Oh---from raising taxes on the mining industry? And, what of her thumbing her nose at the NRS regarding truancy? Now she doesn't want to hold parents accountable for their own children? If not the parents, then who? Oh, that's right the school district! Her next ridiculous proposal is to require casinos to hire those who at minimum have a high school diploma! First of all, what makes her even begin to think she has the power to even do that?? I want to know what the heck she put in her cereal because I have never in all my 32 years here seen anyone so delusional as Chris Garvey! And her qualifications? PULEEEASE!! I read a few books on herbal cures, so I guess that qualifies me to become a brain surgeon!! Chris Garvey didn't even know there was a high school in Mesquite and the SUN is endorsing this clueless puppet?? The fact remains that education in this district has passed through the toilet and is running straight out to sea. In the next two years, the district and the state will see hundreds of millions of dollars cut from their budgets. Principals were just told that they must cut 3.5% of their budgets now. We need a person who knows the system, knows where the waste is, knows who's lining their pockets, and know where the skeletons are in this district. We need a person who has intimate knowledge of what it is to be a teacher. That person is RON TAYLOR. We need his knowledge, expertise and common sense---not someone who wants to knock on doors begging students to go to school. VOTE FOR RON TAYLOR!

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