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February 22, 2017

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Sept. 6, 2010

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A couple that I work with, live on the street the plane landed on. I've not been able to reach them at this point but I was glad to know everyone on the ground was unharmed. My prayers go out to the pilot and the three survivers including their families. No disrespect to anyone, but small planes crashes are very common world wide and in most cases, it is pilot error or lack of proper maintanance. As the individual stated above, it is to open everyone eyes as to the costs of flying these old small planes and it puts so many people at risk. The FAA needs to inspect all the privatly owned planes and ground them. In general, if you can't afford to maintain your aircraft, then sell it. We don't yet know what caused the crash until the NTSB investigation is completed but flying is much more fun then driving and it's sad that something as fun can end in such tragaty.

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