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February 25, 2017

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May 15, 2013

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I am an architect and this whole charade makes no sense. First of all any architect worth their stamp should know that if a building owner or tenant wants to put a restaurant in an uninsulated building that is a red flag. An architect can do a quick analysis and quickly determine what is possible. Perhaps the owner did not have the foresight to hire a decent architect because that was also an "unnecessary cost".

Second, the IECC is not a new code and architects have been working with it in NV since the early 2000's. Southern NV has adopted newer editions of the code as they come on line and while each edition has become more stringent, I think it has to do more with keeping up with rapidly changing technology than anything else.

Third, I have yet to hear any facts presented by councilman Beers about how this code is deterring development downtown. There is more real development downtown right now than in any time in the past decade (failed condominium projects from previous years do not count).

Last, to all the people that think that our precious civil liberties are being trampled by these silly codes... please. We have had building codes in this country and this city for decades. They are not new, and while they sometimes can be cumbersome, they are not without merit and their imperfections can always be overcome. Should we not have any standards by which someone builds in this community? The IECC code is minimal compliance. Do these same people take issue with zoning regulations (which is a much better argument by the way)? How dare the government tell me what I can build on my property? Guess what, the zoning codes already do that and have for decades. I could go on and on but this might be a good time to stop.

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