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February 21, 2017

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July 19, 2008

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I'm okay with putting administrators in the classroom. As long as they can get the students to pass the AIMS, the yearly assessment tests and keep the school making AYP. Remember they will be accountable just as teachers are for submitting lesson plans and monitoring behavior control.

My concern is placing hundreds of substitutes in positions that should have HQ teachers. I've heard the district intentionally does not place HQ teachers, so that they do not have to pay the $2000 sign on bonus or salary. This is just what I have heard.

Good luck to all you teachers!

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I second that opinion. How is Walt Ruffles allowed to get away with hiring so many subs in lieu of highly qualified teachers? You get out exactly what you put in. The district doesn't have the funds to hired certified teachers? You don't shop at Big Lots if you are looking for a well made suit. Let's put the spot light on Walt and see what his response is. The finger pointing has to stop somewhere and he is a good canditate for that position.

I moved here 2 months ago hoping to get a teaching position with the district. Two months later I know no more about the possibility of getting hired than I did then. Hundreds of prospective teachers are left hanging not knowing if he EVER plans to lift the freeze.

Rather than cutting positions from the bottom let's start at the top and see how much money can be saved from those positions. Prospective teachers can't hang in limbo much longer. We have bills to pay.

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Shift from quantity to quality? That is a pretty broad statement. First on their agenda should be to hire the HQ teachers that have moving to this state to teacher. The hiring freeze has got to be the most highly guarded secret since Watergate. Nobody knows anything about anything. If they don't pick up the phone at the district they won't have to answer uncomfortable questions regarding the freeze.

I guess in the meantime they can rehire retired staff and place them in "consulting" positions. I guess if you have the stamina to wait out the freeze all the more power to you. Some of us have bills that are mounting monthly, and may have perhaps delayed relocating here had we known we would be standing in line for weeks waiting for an interview.

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