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February 21, 2017

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March 8, 2009

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Actually, I'm not crazy about tax increases and I'm not crazy about making more cuts. I think what we need to do is figure out what kind of state we want to live in.

Do we want our schools to be at the top? Bottom? Somewhere in between? Figure that out and then FUND it appropriately and hold everyone's feet to the fire to be accountable.

What kind of industry do we want here? Figure that out and decide what it takes to get them here. My guess is it's gonna be a lot more than just no-to-low taxes. What infrastructure do these companies need?

The point is we're all trying to treat the symptoms, not the disease.

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Here's what puzzles me: We've promoted our tax-free status as being a HUGE benefit to recruiting companies to move to Nevada. I think everyone here agrees we need to diversify our economy. Being a one-horse town (gaming) just doesn't cut it. So, with all of these huge tax incentives, why aren't companies relocating here? Why isn't there bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-15 from over-taxed California?

We have a lousy infrastructure.

Our education system is at the bottom. But, people still want to cut funding. It's been underfunded for the 20 years I've lived here so let's trying funding it for a change and see what happens. I'm a capitalist and understand that money doesn't fix everything, but it sure can fix a lot.

I could go on about mental health, public safety and so on. Why we can only afford to put one cop in a patrol car and spread their resources so thin is just not right. But, that's a topic for another day.

And mining...I've never seen so many people afraid to hurt mining's feelings. Where else are they going to go? The gold and copper isn't moving. And when the mining companies have taken all they can from Nevada, guess what? They're going to split and leave us with nothing but some giant holes.

We shouldn't be like California by any stretch of the imagination, but we should at least have people pay their fair share of the community rent (roads, public safety and education).

I love how the banks, the Review-Journal, Wal-Mart, Barrick and other mining companies, etc., all make a LOT of money here, but send all of their money to other states to fund their public safety, roads and education programs. Why? Because we have no corporate profit tax like every other state. So, these companies use Nevada's roads, public safety and education systems but don't pay for them. Yet, their Nevada profits are taxed by their "home" states where their corporate headquarters.

Nevada has an amazing history of working it's butt off to benefit everyone but itself.

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I've lived here for nearly two decades and see the same bunch of nothing happen in Carson City every two years. They are all so worried about getting back in office that no one has had the backbone to finally create a broad based revenue structure.

I can't control what they do once they get in office, but I will do my best to make sure those who don't take action this time will not get to spend another day in Carson City after the next election.

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