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July 14, 2008

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The state must interview physicians and other personnel involved in quality control. What have they been doing? Personnel entrusted with quality control ,are people who work in the system (hospitals), which generates their income. Obviously, they have a bias towards not reporting events which hurt hospitals reputation.
There are prominent people in town who provide personnel to hospitals for quality control. These people generate large income from basically playing the game which hospital CEO's want them to play i.e ., not report incidences or under report. The hospitals reputation is maintained, which generates income. Quality control personnel get paid. So everybody is happy.
Where you find a quality control person who is doing his or her job, diligently, rest assured this person will not be doing quality control for long. Do it hospitals way, i.e., not report or under report, or be on your way, highway. People need work, have income to provide for their families, so they compromise.
There is also a culture in hospitals, kill the messenger, where conscientious physicians / nurses, who stand up to the hospital and complain about poor quality care are reprimanded. Most physicians/nurses know about such behavior by hospital authority, and so keep their mouth shut and do what they can on a personal level for their patients. Unfortunately, there is only so much they can do.
On the whole what Mr. Marshall Allen writes is factual, in this article as well as the one's in the past.
I am sure most articles written by Mr. Marshall, have been anonymously helped and supported by physicians/nurses, yet Mr. Allen has never thanked them in his articles. I would like to see Mr. Allen, thank people who provide him quality information. He could say at the end of his article, I thank all persons or physicians/nurses etc who have helped provide information for this article.
Mr. Allen may have thanked them personally, but to thank them in public, even though keeping them anonymous, has another meaning.
There are physicians/nurses and other people, who want the culture of neglect in our health care system be stopped, this is why these health care personnel speak to journalists.
Acknowledging them also informs the public that all in our health care system is not bad, there are people who care enough, to enlighten public through journalist like Mr. Allen, at times at great risk to themselves, so that pressure be brought upon hospitals to improve quality of care.

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Nevada is one of the two states which have the strictest scrutiny prior to authorizing licence to doctors. Doctor's who come to Las Vegas, are ethical and moral doctors, hence they pass through the licence scrutiny.

What happens to some of these doctors when they start practicing in Las Vegas? God only knows would be a good answer and a good scapegoat. Not only does god know, so do Board of Medical Examiners and other monitoring agencies in Nevada. If you ask these agencies, the obvious answer would be the same as Division of Health gave regarding abuse of foreign doctor's, we did not know abuse of foreign doctors existed. Lies, lies and blatant lies. When these agencies are pinned down and cornered, they hide behind the same answer, we do not have money, manpower etc resources to monitor. Than, what are these monitoring agencies there for. Tax payer's money is used to finance these organizations. Waste of our hard earned money

Many persons who are supposed to monitor, live in the same community they are supposed to monitor. So the logic that they do not know what is going on in Nevada does not hold. The logic that they close there eyes and ears and turn their heads away holds.

Division of Health, Board of Medical Examiners and Pharmacy Board cannot truly deny there knowledge of abuse of foreign doctors, Dr. Desai's practices and narcotic abuse in Las Vegas, respectively.

I hear of ethics committee meeting headed by Mr Larry Mathies, where 40 or more personnel have come together to educate medical personnel of Las Vegas about ethics. I am sure Mr Matheis has good intentions and wants to see ethical conduct by medical personnel in Las Vegas.

My advice to Mr. Matheis:
Start with educating people about ethics within the organizations present at the meeting. Only than can they talk about ethics and morality to other's. THEY NEED TO PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH.

On a wider scale, the culture of corruption is very much part of Las Vegas society. What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas, is our shameful motto. Our sin city and sinful corruptions are legitimized by our motto. Corruption is tolerated for sake of money, more money and more money. This culture needs to be changed. Such change can happen, only when, ethical and moral politicians, community leaders, religious leaders, teachers, people in community etc., set up moral and ethical campaign to cleanse Las Vegas of corruption but then Las Vegas may cease to exist as immorality finances existence of Las Vegas..

Mr. Larry Matheis, keep it up. You have an uphill task.

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Mr / Ms Editor
The editorial, Staggering use of pills... is itself a complaint, as were the articles on abuse of foreign doctors, Dr. Deepak Desai or, shall I say Dr. Death's blatant practices were to the Board of Medical Examiners. Will bureaucracy of Board of Medical Examiners, Pharmacy Board and Division of Health, listen to you and I. I doubt. But we as members of Las Vegas society must continue to highlight corruption in medical practices and other practices in our city.

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Corruption, Corruption, Corruption

1. Will the Division of Health monitor J1 employers or hide behind, we do not have resources to monitor all employers of J1. My guess is, this is exactly, what is going to happen. Little or no monitoring will be done and so after few months or years, when things have died down, J1 employers will start their corrupt practices once again.
2. What is the penalty when J1 employers abuse foreign doctor’s? The answer is none. Previous abusers of foreign doctor, who fulfill paper obligations of the Division of Health, will now be provided with foreign doctor’s. The J1 employers rejoice as, instead of being penalized for breaking State and Federal regulations, things have turned around once again in their favor.
3. Abused J1 doctors now find themselves in a mix. If they complain, nothing happens to the employers and if they do not, they suffer. So how does Division of Health expect J1 doctors, present and former to come out and complain? As one employee of Division of Health said, and I quote, ‘The J1 employers are prominent members of the community, we cannot investigate them’, unquote. I guess if you are a prominent member of the community, you can get away with breaking Federal and State regulations.

I naively thought, in United States of America, such corruption does not prevail, but it does. If you are prominent member of community, go ahead and break laws, nothing will come of it. To employers of J1 doctors, feel free to break laws, as America does not care about foreign doctors. GOOD LUCK TO ALL J1 DOCTORS

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With employers of J1 doctors using cultural pressures of servitude and visa status as threat on the J1 doctors, it is true J1 doctors did not sign by choice, they have no choice. I have been told, the employer mentioned in the article above has told some of the J1 doctors working with him at present, if you do not sign the document, referring to the document mentioned in the article above, than you will have to repeat your J1 waiver once again. This is a major threat to all J1 doctors. Who in their mind would want to repeat 3-5 years of work in poorly organized, ill managed, below standard under-served clinics. This is one example of manipulation and exploitation J1 doctors have faced, and to have it even now, when this employer is in limelight, shows arrogance and confidence this employer has, that he can once again get away with his exploitation

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