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Jan. 12, 2008

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I guess America has to decide who they want to represent their country and vote accordingly.

All of the "top" three (Edwards might still be in the race, but doesn't seem very viable) have general philosophies that we need in this country. (Is anyone actually considering voting for a Republican? I can't imagine!)

The thing is that Obama is truly the candidate that has the greatest chance of getting insurance costs affordable. Hillary had her chance - she didn't do it. Edwards' plan is far too radical. Obama's isn't perfect, but we have to do something to address this crisis.

Obama is also the "persona" - yes all politicians have them - that I want representing me to the rest of the world. Having read his books and a biography about him by David Mendell, he has been the most consistent with his goals and foundational positions for his entire life.

Please take a good look at Obama. He is the future and has the best hope of restoring our prideful place in the world and at home.

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I hope people truly listen to each candidate and see what each of them has done - and is doing right now. Obama is the real deal.

The Clintons will have a much harder time getting away with things this election cycle, I think. People are sick of these kinds of tactics and want someone who actually has a chance to get things done. That person is Barack Obama.

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OldTimeDemocrat - do you really think people will buy your nonsense? Obama has not played the "race card" and I have no idea how you came to the "conclusion" that he is a bad lawyer. What a joke. Seriously. Do you have anything to substantiate your "claims"...just because his campaign is keeping track of Clinton's garbage that she is spewing? Please.

I have no doubt that you are an old time dem and probably support the other old time dem - Hillary Clinton.

America is sick of these games. Obama is the future. He has vision, integrity, skill, and oh yeah - those endorsements. (Although HRC would love to separate the union into factions.)

Obama '08!

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The choice is becoming more and more clear. The facts speak for themselves.

Obama '08

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I think "seven" seems defensive. I would be too if my candidate were doing the things Clinton is doing.

In the age of the Internet, the Clintons can't get away with the stuff they used to. All it takes is a quick Google and anyone can see the twists and turns they constantly toss around.

Obama is consistent, sincere, experienced (yes), and has superior judgment and the ability to deal with people of all kinds. That's what we need in a leader in this day and age. Someone who we can be proud of as our representative.

Obama is the one.

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