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February 23, 2017

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Oct. 20, 2011

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Nevada is not in the GOP "In Crowd"..... titled as if perhaps you guys out there don't understand this? As far as I'm concerned, anyone capable of a single rational thought wouldn't step a foot in Nevada. Right now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims it's the public sector jobs that are hurting and that private sector jobs are just fine. He says his rewritten jobs bill is about reversing that situation. LOL... Beyond the fact that his remarks are 100% opposite of the truth, he might as well just tell the world "this is a jobs bill designed not to pass the House" ... that he's written it just to create controversy, hoping to go to the press down the road and cry that Republicans don't care about jobs. The stupidity of this man is only surpassed by the people of Nevada that continue to send him back to the legislature each election year. Nevada has the worst of the nations housing trouble as well as unemployment rate. Reid is likely the biggest liberal big spender the nation has ever had and in his very state, the results of his spending policies speak pretty loudly to me. Hope you people are happy !!!!

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