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February 19, 2017

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June 15, 2009

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Those pesky little facts always get in the way of agendas and a good storyline intended to whip up a frenzy. Simple basic research would tell you this program, Brand USA, uses zero taxpayer dollars. Thus, pork it ain't. It allows for The Secretary to match private sector funds with monies collected as a fee on foreign tourists. Doesnt sound like such a bad deal, does it.. The $100 million is a statutory cap set by congress, not an appropriated amount. I expect nitwits on here to simply repeat what some ill informed person on talk radio says or some shoddy reporter on Brietbart. But I expect more from Ms. Damon, shame on her, Brietbart, and CREW, for not doing their own research to report pertinent facts, we need less hit piece journalism.

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When will people get it?

It's not Obama vs. Bush or Republican vs. Democrat. This political blame game is a red herring designed to shield those who intend to alter our nation's founding political structure of republicanism and federalism. It does not matter their party, they all are culpable. There is a struggle going on for economic control, Washington politicians are fighting very hard to consolidate it in Washington. First it was Wall St., then it was Detroit, next it will be control over your city, and eventually over you (what do you think so called 'healthcare reform' is for!).

It is this Washington Political Machine (WPM) which keeps chugging along regardless who is in the Oval Office. Yes, it has picked up a tremendous amount of fury over the last year and three months and particularly so under Obama's first six months. But, it has been going strong since the early 20th century, gaining steam post-WWII. It will continue until people stand to defend their rights and liberties.

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