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Aug. 14, 2008

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Why are so many of you wanting the application withdrawn? Why not let the technical and safety review by NRC proceed? By law, they have 3 years to review and find flaws/concerns if present. I have not read the document (application) myself but have faith in the hundreds of engineers and scientist that will conduct the lengthy review. I really am having a hard time with this blog. It seems way premature to bitch about an application that NOBODY in this blog has read. Get a life and wait for the NRC to complete their work. They have just begun for God's sake. Im a geotechnical engineer by trade (30 yrs)worked on major tunnel projects all over the world and know enough to know that I'm not the authority on this issue.

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why can't you understand that the application cannot be withdrawn without changing the law???
In order for Obama to do this he would have to persude congress to pass an ammendment to the Nuclear Waste Policy Act or take the large step of signing a presidental order removing it before it is scientifically evaluated. Do you really think this will happen? I hope you understand. I'm trying not to question your intellegence

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