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July 2, 2010

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Harry Reid had nothing to do with seniors not getting a cost of living raise in their Social Security this year or the next. The formula for determining this adjustment was established back in the 1970's (when, by the way, we had a Republican administration).

In October of 2009, the Democrats brought forth a bill to change the formulary so that seniors would get a raise, as well as the proposal of Obama to send out separate checks to each senior citizen drawing Social Security for a lump sum afjustment. Not one Republican would support this bill or the proposal and let it die without getting anywhere.
I feel certain that Sharron Angle, had she been in the senated at that time, would have opposed this as well.

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I can't understand how anyone in their right mind would vote for Sharron Angle, no matter what they think of Harry Reid!

The woman makes known these wild notions about issues and then when questioned, she says she didn't mean it that way and comes up with the opposite opinion. Sunch as:

Stated that Social Security should be "transitioned out". Later said she did not mean that.

Stated that she opposes legalization of marijuana and feels the same about alcohol, later saying she didn't mean alcohol, because people can choose to drink or not.

Told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she would sponsor a bill to free insurance companies from having to pay for mammograms and colonoscopies.
Later said Harry Reid lied when he questioned her on this and said she never said it.

She says she doesn't believe our constitution advocates separation of church and state. She wants to privatise Medicare and remove all regulations on oil companies drilling in our bays and gulf waters and called the $20 billion Obama secrued from BP to repair damages caused by their negligence a "slush fund", then says she didn't mean that.

Put somebody like Sharron Angle in the senate and you will have trouble like you've never seen before and Nevada will be the laughing stock of the nation, if not the world!

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All the animal lovers out there might want to take a look at this before casting your vote:

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Really is amazing that our military has been dying in Iraq and Afghanistan defending the people's right to vote and Sharron Angle is over here telling people not to vote! Sad, really sad.

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It never stops amazing me how the over 65 voters, many of them alined with the Tea Party, can vote for Republican candidates (such as Sharon Angle) who won't rest until they have done away with Social Security (privatizing it to Wall Street which is gambling with your retirement funds), cutting back on Medicare (such as Rand Paul who wants to set a hefty $2,000 deductible per year on Medicare payments) and all of them in the senate who refused to cooperate with Democrats who wanted to pass legislation in 2009 to give seniors an emergency cost of living adjustment in 2010 and 2011. Go figure.

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