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Feb. 9, 2010

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I am the little brother of Mr. Hover & his mother is right. Our older brother is right! Freeman should be there also. I'm not saying Greg had no part in this,but leting Freeman go was a mistake. Do you realy think he's going to stop his crap. My brother maybe alot of thing's but he's no KILLER. And for those mocking this... LOOK IN THE MIRRIOR AND TELL US HOW PERFECT YOUR LIFE'S ARE!!! Or do you mind condeming yourselve's If my brother gets DEATH ROW I will be more pissed than I am now. Don't go to far Freeman. Sinse you pawnd the stuff,used the cards,& atmitted being there. Unless you would like to come to Oklahoma and talk too Mr. Hover,s brothers about where YOUR GUN IS. DUMB ASS!!!!!

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