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Oct. 21, 2009

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I am sorry to hear about this incident. It happens much too often. I would not say or even think Ms Dalton had a lapse of judgement. I think she left the home knowing she was going out to drink and then out of stupidity got behind the wheel of a car to drive after drinking. I think at the age of 28 one would know when they have had too much to drink and should not be driving. The fact is she tried to drive home got in a terrible accident which caused another young man to loose his life there is not much else for her except a life sentance that would bring justice in my opinion. Her record if what I have read on here is true shows that she does not learn to well from her mistakes. I am sorry and my prayers go out to this young mans family and friends. I think nevada needs to get real tough on the laws for DUI's.

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hmmm interesting that someone thinks just because a person is an illegal they should be shot. I don't agree with the amount of illegals residing here either but I sure don't think shooting them is the answer.

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ok I am a person whom grew up around second hand smoke and could not wait to turn 18 to get out of the house because of it. I think smokers are selfish. If you want to kill yourself fine but others around you should not have to risk getting a disease because of anothers stupid choice to smoke. I am all for no smoking in Casinos you don't have to smoke to waste money at tables or machines. I would vote to ban smoking except in a designated area of all casinos. I think casinos should be made to have smoking rooms with gaming in them and they should be sealed off from the rest of the casino so those that make the lame decision to smoke and someday kill themselves with it can do it without risking everyones health around them.

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