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Sept. 7, 2009

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1. Apparently JR cannot distinguish the difference between U.S. money and products being made in China and Chinese money being spent on projects being made in the U.S.
2. Romney's tax returns are relevant to the decision making process of voters. Where is his money kept? (Nice hasty generalization fallacy.)
3. Curiously, how does one disclose properly in this case? What do they say and to whom do they say it?

These are the relevant questions. Stop trying to dumb down your readers.

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Mr. Lipman is spot-on accurate. Prior to the SCOTUS decision in 2008 there was no established court decision for private ownership of firearms. Cadish was only expressing the time honored concept of Stare decisis. Those who disagree need to educate yourselves on the facts unless you enjoy being the puppets of Heller and the GOP.

(Suggest removal) 4/13/12 at 1:08 p.m.

The comparisons of the right and left are a false equivalent fallacy. To defend the right's attacks on full equality for women by comparing the left's "looking down" on one's religion isn't equivalent. Being a woman isnt' a choice. Choosing to believe that one's religion makes one superior to all others and that women should be subservient is a choice. Find a better comparison or stop trying to equate the two as the same. Breitbart employed the ugliest of tactics in setting up Acorn, Shirley Sherrod and many others. For what gain? Amusement? Political one-ups-manship? His disgusting approach was as coarse as it gets. To express relief in his passing is not a celebration, but to find a modicum of peace.

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Mr. Schillmoeller creates a false comparison. No one, not even Berkley has said oil subsidies are causing Medicare to be insolvent. If you believe that then you are grossly misinformed or spouting half-truths. Big Oil should not be subsidized by tax payers when we are running record deficits. Let the oil barons pay their fair share instead of raising the price of gas and raking in record profits. Mr. Schillmoeller, if you like $4 gallon gas keep defending the oil barons, but don't distort the reality of the deficit and how we need to balance the budget. Medicare pays for itself, it has it's own budget.

(Suggest removal) 5/14/11 at 10:35 a.m.

"That's why someone needs to educate the public, which won't listen unless someone starts talking now -- and no cows can be sacred on either side. This is difficult in a polarized world where the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada does not listen to the Nevada Policy Research Institute (and vice versa) and where name-calling replaces thoughtful colloquies."

...Ralston should take his own advice and let those who are offering solutions to the crisis in this state be heard. They are educating the public on the sweet-heart deal mining has ensconced in the state constitution and Ralston refuses to write about it because of his 'friends' who represent mining whispering in his ear. Journo-columnists owe at least the truth to the public and their readers.

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