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Sept. 18, 2008

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I too will also call this week....

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sounds like we all need to get together and take our stories in force to someone to get some answers and action. I know that no one wanted to touch this when I went at it alone, but i think that if we all get together we couldn't be ignored. There are failures on a number of levels that need to be fixed.

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As someone who also lost someone ( my wife ) to a overdose from painkillers and after reading all of the comments here I feel that I need to give my 2 cents. My wife was also a patient of Dr. Buckwalters and didn't live to tell about it. I think that the point is being missed by some of you in that while yes, all of the patients are adults and should be responsible for their actions, Dr. Buckwalter over prescribes these painkillers, not by a little, but by the hundreds. I found so many bottles of pain meds of all types with refill dates so close together it was unbelievable. The point is not to get rid of painkillers but I think that it is ovious that Dr. Buckwalter is a big part of the problem. To many people with this same doctor have the same sad story to tell.

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